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Common Mistakes After Accidents

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It is always important to be prepared for unexpected events, including car, truck, and motorcycle accidents. If you are injured in a vehicle accident, the result can be a lot of physical pain and expensive medical bills. Being prepared for this circumstance can save you heartache and money.

If you are injured in an accident, you will likely be confused and emotional. That is natural. But it is important to make the right decisions after an accident. Even tiny mistakes can cost you and reduce your recovery, both physically and financially.

Things to Do After an Accident

  • Report the accident. It is common for victims to fail to file a police report. There are a variety of reasons for this, from not wanting to wait at the scene to wanting to avoid a long process of legalities and getting police involved. However, filing a report with the police will be important if you choose to seek treatment and have it paid for fully by insurance. A police report leads to a stronger case due to documentation. Even if the accident seems minor at the time, circumstances can change. What you think is a small injury or accident might turn into a larger problem later. Obtaining an accident report protects and helps you.
  • Seek medical treatment. Sometimes there is physical damage you don’t recognize immediately after an accident. Even if you feel fine, you may be at risk of future injury. Take care of yourself and get a professional opinion. The documentation provided by the medical practitioner also helps to make your insurance claim or court case stronger, as it is evidence of your injuries directly as a result of the accident.
  • Document the scene. Even if you see police officers or insurance companies taking notes and photographs at the scene of the accident, you can’t assume they have accurately preserved all the evidence. Your own pictures and videos can be helpful. Your photos and videos should establish where the accident took place, who was there when it happened, and also what vehicles or property were involved.
  • Talk to an attorney. While it might seem like an insurance investigator is on your side, that is not always the case, even when it is your own insurance company. You need to talk to an attorney before you discuss the accident with an insurance investigator, because an insurance investigator’s job can involve reducing their expenses of the claim. You need a lawyer to help advocate for you and make sure the insurance company pays every dime they are supposed to.

Every step of the way, an experienced car accident attorney can help you make the best decisions. The sooner you get a lawyer on your side, the sooner they can guide you toward the best decisions. If you work through the process alone, you can make mistakes that could be expensive in the long run.

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