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Brandon Rollover Accident Attorney

Rollover crashes are rare, but when they do occur the injuries are often catastrophic or deadly. If you were in a rollover crash caused by another individual it is crucial that you seek compensation through a personal injury claim to help cover the financial expenses of medical treatment, time away from work, and emotional distress. At Hale Law our Brandon rollover accident attorneys know how important the outcome of an insurance claim is to your future well-being.


Rollover crashes occur when a vehicle goes around a curve or when a driver swerves, overcorrects and swerves again, and overcorrects. Each time reduces the stability of the vehicle until it rolls. Often there is another element to a rollover which is when the car “trips” on a pothole, change of road surface, another vehicle, or a stationary object. This “trip” causes the final imbalance that leads to the rollover. The risk of a rollover is increased by the following factors: 

  • Type of Vehicle – According to com, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) technology makes many trucks just as safe as sedans. However, the taller a vehicle is the higher the center of gravity, which makes it more likely to roll. Trucks, SUVS, and pickups trucks are all at a greater risk of a rollover crash than a sedan. Vehicles with a narrow wheelbase also are at a higher risk of tipping over.
  • Speed of the Vehicles Involved – gov states that 40 percent of all fatal rollover crashes involve excessive speeding. While speeding may not have been the only contributing factor leading up to a crash, it does impact the survival rate of vehicle occupants.
  • Road Conditions – Rollover crashes are more likely to occur if the vehicle goes off-road, so roads without barriers pose a greater risk. Some weather and road conditions can contribute to a person swerving or hydroplaning and going off-road.
  • Alcohol – If a driver is impaired by alcohol they lose muscle coordination and vision acuity making them more likely to lose control of their vehicle.
  • Driver’s Inattentiveness – Many crashes are caused because one driver was not paying attention to the road. Instead they might be distracted by a phone, other passengers, or something outside of the vehicle. When the driver finally starts paying attention, they already need to swerve to avoid another road user and are likely to overcorrect because they are not aware enough.


Even if your vehicle was the only one to rollover, someone else may still be held liable for your injuries. For instance, if you had to swerve to miss rear-ending a car that swerved unexpectedly in front of you, you can still file a claim with that driver’s insurance company. If another vehicle struck yours and that impact caused the rollover, you can seek compensation from the driver who caused the crash.


If you have been involved in a rollover crash your job is to focus on recovering. Let the Brandon rollover injury attorneys at Hale Law handle the legal work. Call (813) 696-6729 to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help you.