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Bedsores Can Be a Sign of Nursing Home Neglect

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When an individual has limited mobility, they can be at risk for bedsores. Sometimes called pressure ulcers, pressure sores, or decubitus ulcers, bedsores happen when the weight of an individual presses against a hard surface. Bedsores can result due to the reduced blood supply.

If someone you love is living in a nursing home, you need to be aware of signs of neglect, including bedsores. When a person spends a lot of time in a bed or chair without movement, they are at risk for bedsores. Worrying about a loved one in a Florida nursing home is very stressful. If you have a concern, a Sarasota personal injury lawyer can help you to understand what options are available for your family.

Ways Nursing Home Staff Can Help with Bedsores

When bedsores happen, they can be healed over time. Of course, the best move is to prevent them from beginning in the first place. For this reason, a family needs to know a nursing home staff is doing what is possible to avoid these ulcers from forming. The following strategies can help:

  • A person who is immobile needs to be moved frequently to avoid pressure spots.
  • Adequate hydration and nutrition needs to be provided.
  • Areas of the skin that are likely to develop bedsores should be inspected.

Unfortunately, there are times when nursing home neglect is present. Sometimes, this can result in an individual developing bedsores because the correct prevention measures have not been followed. If bedsores do form, a family should know about the issue and be informed on how the sores are being healed. If you suspect neglect, talk to a Sarasota personal injury lawyer.

Areas of the Skin Where Bedsores Form

If you talk to a loved one in a nursing home, you can ask them if they are having any physical pains. You can specifically ask about areas of the skin that are at risk for bedsores, including heels, elbows, shoulder blades, the back, and the tailbone. Having an open conversation, when possible, is a good idea in general to be aware of any signs of nursing home neglect.

When a concern is recognized, talk to nursing home staff about the issue and how the issue is being resolved. For example, if there are bedsores, ask when they were recognized and what the healing strategies are. Information is power; you deserve to have your questions answered. Besides, prompt treatment for bedsores is essential as infections can happen if they go untreated.

Talk to a Florida Lawyer About Nursing Home Neglect

Are you concerned about what you have seen in a Florida nursing home? Talk to a lawyer to understand options for you and your family. The experienced Sarasota attorneys at Hale Law can help you fight for your rights. People who live in nursing homes have rights, too. Our lawyers will fight for them. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means there are no fees or costs if we are unable to recover compensation. For a free consultation, call us at 941-735-4529.

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