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Monthly Archives: May 2021

Car Accident

Why My Doctor Won’t See Me After a Car Accident

By Hale Law, P.A. |

Why My Doctor Won’t See Me After a Car Accident! I was just injured in a car accident and now my primary care physician won’t see me after my car accident. Why won’t they see me and what do I do? At first you may be confused, nervous, scared or even worried about why… Read More »

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Insurance Law Concept

Auto insurance law in Florida is fundamentally changing. Here is what all Florida drivers should know:

By Hale Law, P.A. |

What is the PIP system? If you have an auto insurance policy, you may have heard the term “PIP” before. Florida PIP (also known as personal injury protection) coverage has played a critical role in allowing injured parties involved in auto accidents to pay their medical bills.  For example, if driver A was involved… Read More »

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