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Monthly Archives: February 2021


Florida Nursing Homes and Nutrition Issues

By Hale Law, P.A. |

Malnourishment is possible when an individual is not receiving a healthy amount of nutrients, calories, and protein. When there are nutrition issues, health concerns can elevate. There are times when nutrition deficiencies result in a decline in cognitive abilities, a decrease in immune function, and an increased risk of tripping and falling. For individuals… Read More »

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Can I Afford a Florida Car Crash Lawyer?

By Hale Law, P.A. |

If you sustained an injury in a Florida car wreck, you may be coping with physical pain and emotional distress. Many victims are unable to work as they recover, so they become even more stressed when hospital bills arrive. After all, it can be impossible to pay large bills when there is no money… Read More »

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Driving in Sarasota and Prescription Medications

By Hale Law, P.A. |

There are many reasons why individuals have prescriptions for certain medications. An individual may use a prescription to relieve pain, lower their blood pressure, or cure an infection, for example. While it is safe for an individual taking prescription drugs to drive in many circumstances, there are times when an individual is not able… Read More »

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Are You Scared to Drive After a Sarasota Accident?

By Hale Law, P.A. |

While some people are not scared of driving after a car wreck, many others find themselves fearful of getting behind the wheel. Some stop driving altogether because the fear and anxiety of getting in another accident is overwhelming. The psychological impacts of a Florida car crash can disrupt a person’s life for years. If… Read More »

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